Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dieselboy interview! + ticket giveaway tonight 12-3AM

Tranzmission London 04.06

Here is an interview I did with Dieselboy aka Damian Higgins today! Damian is playing at the Avalon in Los Angeles this Friday with Downlink, and his good pal Smash Gordon. You can find tickets here:

I will also be giving a pair of tickets away to this event. Make sure to tune in to Beatification tonight 12-3AM on or 88.9FM in Orange County for your chance to WIN!

Beatification: What motivated you to first start djing and then later producing?

Dieselboy: i have always loved music and when i started collecting dance music i noticed that no local djs were playing the stuff i was buying. so i decided to learn to dj and play my own stuff. production was just something i decided to try my hand at to see what it was like making my own unique tunes.

Beatification: How do you feel the drum and bass scene has changed since you first started?

Dieselboy: music went from being a bit more "special" to being much more widely available everywhere. back in the day i remember hearing a track on a uk djs mixtape and then having to spend 3 years figuring out what it was called and where i could hopefully find the vinyl. it was challenging but it meant a lot more when i actually managed to find what i was looking for. now you can see a dj play a tune one night and the next day the track has been identified on a youtube clip and you can find a copy of it floating around as an mp3 a week later. it kinda takes the magic out of it. scene wise it has gone through highs and lows. at the moment it is hard to tell where the scene is at. a lot of the old "hardcore" drum and bass purists are offended by dubstep and the new halftime drum and bass (drumstep). others have embraced the new bass music scene as a whole. i think the purist drum and bass scene is somewhat small at this point.

Beatification: What inspired you to start your label Human Imprint?

Dieselboy: for a long time i had been beholden to other labels and their vision with how things should sound, look, etc. i wanted to be in charge of how i would release music and i also wanted to have an outlet to help promote artists that i felt had strong production kills. on top of that i am always about having a springboard to flex my personal aesthetic and work on new and interesting projects. having my own label allowed me the freedo to do that.

Beatification: How did your collaboration with Smash Gordon come about, in regards to your record label and Smash & Destroy?

Dieselboy: steve and i are close friends and one night on the road we talked about doing some sort of musical project together. we felt that we could do something cool and have fun doing it.

Beatification: Who are some artists that are currently on your label?

Dieselboy: our exclusive artists include numbernin6, muffler, bare and mark instinct. we also work with other producers such as pixel fist, hulk, dan wall, sluggo, nerd rage, figure, mayhem, etc.

Beatification: How would you describe the sound of your upcoming set at the Avalon?

Dieselboy: i don't plan out my sets, but am thinking it will probably be along the lines of at least 50% dnb / drumstep and the rest a mix of dubstep, bass heavy electro and some 110 stuff. all different bpms but all heavy as fuck on the bass.

Beatification: What is your creative process like when making tracks?

Dieselboy: find some cool samples. load up a few in the sequencer and just start playing around until you get inspired or find a direction to go in. then you work on getting a good beat up and start experimenting with bass sound and programming. somedays it comes together quickly. is slow.

Beatification: Do you currently have any tracks or mixes in the works?

Dieselboy: i am currently working on an EP with bare that will feature a thing we did called w.m.f.d. (weapon of motherfucking destruction) and also some collabs with dirtyphonics, tc, datsik, bass nectar and z-trip. i am also looking to have a new mix out sometime around november that will be a followup to my last mix UNLEASHED.

Beatification: What are your likes or dislikes about constantly touring?

Dieselboy: i like seeing all the different places i go and getting to see all of my friends in different cities. also eating at dope restaurants across the world. it keeps my life interesting for sure. i don't like living out of a suitcase, flight delays, airport security, children on airplanes kicking my seat and jetlag.

Beatification: I heard somewhere that you like to collect things like sneakers, boom boxes, etc, is this true? And if so what are some of your favorite things to collect?

Dieselboy: at this point i would say i mostly collect metal / occult t-shirts, rings and cookbooks.

Beatification: Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

Dieselboy: i am beyond grateful for the support i have gotten over the years. and that i still value things like real LIVE djing and freestyle music programming (not just pushing computer buttons and having a "set list"). hopefully my fans appreciate the same thing. can't wait to play at avalon!!!


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