Friday, December 16, 2011

Knife Party, Skream & Benga Free EP's and Acid Invaders Mix

Knife Part & Benga @ Space in Ibiza

Knife Party has been busy creating a free EP for all of you to enjoy and it finally came out this past Monday! It is heart stopping and I've been waiting for it ever since I first heard their live "Unreleased Summer Mix" from Space in Ibiza. I definitely wish I could have been there to see them bang out that set but I got to a see a little Knife Party action at Escape from Wonderland this year during Pendulum's set so that should hold me over until they do a real show in Southern California.

You can find the free Knife Party EP 100% No Modern Talking on their website

Scion recently released a new EP by 2 of my all time favorite producers: Skream & Benga! You can download it for free by clicking on this link.

Tracklist: Scion A/V Presents Skream & Benga

1. Benga – Any Steppers

2. Benga – Electro West 

3. Skream – Ice Cream Jelly Roll

4. Skream – Nefarious

5. Skream – Phat Head

Following their latest track "Rave on Kids" the Acid Invaders recently came out with a new mix for free!
Just in time for the new year. It is highly recommended if you are into house and acid house alike. You can find it on Acid Invader's soundcloud HERE.

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