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Felguk Interview 3/2/12


This is an interview I did with Felguk this week. They are playing at the Avalon for Control's 3 year Anniversary party tonight! Check them out if your in the LA area. Tommy Trash will also be performing.

Check out Jack It & their latest remix of "Eyes Wide Open":

Here's the interview:

We are EDM duo Felguk, from Rio de Janeiro Brasil. We've been on the scene for a little more then 4 years, rocking dancefloors around the world with pumping rocky massive-bass funky electro-house and its crossbreeds.

Beatification: What motivated each of you to start making electronic music?

Felguk: We both have been going to clubs and raves from a relatively early age. Added up with our passion for music and computers it was just a matter of time to start our own project.

Beatification: What kind of equipment do you use when producing your music?

Felguk: We use mostly soft sytths and use Cubase as our host sequencer. We do have a Moog Little Phatty, and a virus TI though, but we find ourselves hardly using them these days. We have build a room acoustic treated, and use Adam Audio monitors, with sub.

Beatification: Who are some of your major influences?

Felguk: Justice, Wolfgang Gartner, and now we are getting pretty influenced by artists like Knife Party that produce what we understand as a dubstep and electro crossbreed.

Beatification: What is one of your favorite songs right now?

Felguk: Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Kill The Noise Remix)

Beatification: A lot of fans may say you have a "signature sound", do you feel this is true? If so how would you describe this sound?

Felguk: I think it is true, and that makes us happy. I would describe as a pumping rocky funky melodic electro.

Beatification: I've heard some previews for your new remix with Dirty South and Thomas Gold called "Eyes Wide Open" and it sounds like a massive banger, when will the full version be coming out?

Felguk: It was released today (March the 2nd) on Beatport! We are very proud of that one.

Beatification: Do you have any other new projects or songs to look out for?

Felguk: Yes, we have a new collaboration with Infected Mushroom called 'I Shine' that will be out on their album soon, and we are going to put out a bootleg made in collaboration with Tim Healey that is going to be given away for free download pretty soon too.

Beatification: How would you compare the music scene in Brazil to the music scene in the United States?

Felguk: They are both big scenes with a very energetic crowd. But id say Brasil is more housy, and USA is more opened to various genres.

Beatification: What have been some of your all time favorite venues to play around the world?

Felguk: EDC LA/Vegas, Avalon, Anzu Club, Green Valley and XXXperience.

Beatification: You have two shows coming up, one tomorrow night at the Yost Theater, and the Control 3 year anniversary on Friday night. Are these shows going to be the start of your US tour?

Felguk: Yes. The show at Yost yesterday was a very good start to our tour: packed and intense! We are really looking forward to the Control anniversary today at Avalon, we have played a couple of times there and it is one of our favorite venues and parties ever.

Beatification: I heard you will be touring with Benny Benassi in the UK next month, how did that tour come about and are you excited about it?

Felguk: This idea came to the table when Benny requested our track 'Jack It" to put out in a compilation that he was arranging. We are very excited for that, since it will be our first time in the UK, peaking with a Ministry Of Sound show Saturday April the 7th.

Beatification: What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment as Felguk?

Felguk: Just to be able to live out of music! Thats a privilege!

Do you have any advice for young producers just starting out?

Felguk: Your production quality must meet the standards of the industry, but your creativity has to go beyond the standards of the industry.

Beatification: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Felguk: You guys are the real motor of the whole EDM circus! Lets keep rocking, and keep the party going!

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