Friday, June 7, 2013

Beatification Playlist 6/4/13

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Artist - Song Title (* indicates new release)

Charles Bradley - You Put The Flame On It (from KUCI library)*
LOVESYOU - Gold Sun*
Taquwami - T Eyes*
Stwo - No Lies*
Dave Saved - Overcast*
Signal Flow - Drug Lips (Navied Izadi 40oz of Acid Remix)
Fabian Luttenburger - I Know
B.Lewis & Sango - Na o e Nada*
Visionist - Your Eyes Were Green
Dreamers Delight - Blossom*
Charles Bradley - Confusion (from KUCI library)*
Andru - You Are*
TBRCk - Dropbox (Mieux Remix)
ASHROCK - Shutdown*
Balistiq - Gangsta*
TEK.LUN - Sloppy Games*
Rell The Soundbender - Diablo*
Trill Murray - Lust
Tours - Above You
Bare - Cee*
Monstra x Cruxxx - Twerk It (Sampul Remix)*
Ta-ku - Onefortrey
OverHertz - Castaway*
Desto - Healing (Alternate Take)
Bombstead - NVR LUV
Up To No Good - Don't Call*
Trippy Turtle - Damn Those Jeans (Trippy Turtle Remix)*
Guy J - Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix) (by request)

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